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Our Pure Gold Oil line of heavy duty diesel engine oil helps owners of rig, contruction equitment, farm implements and other hard working vehicles achieve maximum performance and extended life from thier diesel engine that are used in the toughest on road .Pure Gold Lubricants are specially formulated to meet the need of different engine types and working conditions.

Regardless of the Pure Gold Oil you use, you can be assured it has the optimal combination of important additives to better meet the demanding requirements od engines. We select additives arethe working ingredient in Pure Gold Motor Oil including the Following:

- Detergents,

- Dispersants,

- Anti-Wear agents,

- Extreme Pressure Additives,

- Anti-Foaming Agents

- Oxidation Inhibitors,

- Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

- Viscosity Index Improvers,

- Pour-Point Depressants,

- Friction Modifiers,

- Make engine cool.